Who Are We

Welcome to Whitehill Founded in 1930, Whitehill has manufactured tooling for the woodworking industry for over 70 years.

Today we continue to invest in modern technology and machinery to cover the demands of our customers.

Tooling for...

  • Finger Joint Systems
  • Spindle Moulders
  • Tenoners
  • Window Sets
  • Disposable Tipped Heads
  • Door Sets
  • Mould and Scribe Cutters

...can all be purchased from our large range, or manufactured to your specific requirements at our Luton factory. Tooling solutions for Finger Jointing Sets, Window Tooling on Spindle Moulders, Tenoners or Moulders to our bespoke Cutter Profiling/Grinding offers our customers the answer to most tooling designs.

We have an experienced team of staff to assist with your requirements.

Over the last two years we have shown a big commitment to manufacturing in UK, investing over 1.5M.

A new 11,000 square foot factory and 2 new state-of-the-art machines will ensure Whitehill remain one of the leading tooling manufacturers in the UK.

A second Schneeberger grinder with 10 pallet loading uses the latest technology to provide even greater accuracy as well as increasing profiling capacity to 400 plus per day. Loading with Fanuc robot allows HSS & TCT knives to be profiled 24 hours a day, six days a week.

A new Puma/Turning Centre carries out all of the machining operations to produce a finished cutterhead or tool in one loading. The machine moves work piece between the various operations without manual intervention traditionally it required handling up to 6 times.

The new Whitehill catalogue shows new design window tooling which can fit spindle moulders, any type of tenoner & CNC routers. HSK63F tool holders as well as window or profile tooling are available from stock, or can be manufactured to fit your machine. We have also further increased our range of standard profiles for moulds & scribes.

We are proud of our commitment to quality and service and welcome customers to visit our Luton factory where over 90% out of products are manufactured.

David Hudson,
Managing Director

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