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Whitehill Testimonials - Ravenswood Mill

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We spoke with customer David at Ravenswood Mill about their experience purchasing standard window tooling with us.

Q. Please tell us about Ravenswood Mill and Cabinet, how long you have been going, the story behind the business?

A. We are a small custom shop based near the Monterey Bay in California. I’ve been in business for about 18 years building windows, doors and cabinetry. I was looking for a tooling manufacturer who could help design and build a window set based on a European push-out casement model, with modifications to suit our particular market.

Q. It would be great to understand how you find out about Whitehill and your experience or working with us to ensure you got what you needed.

A. I found you guys through an internet search. I tried working with two other companies first and was quickly discouraged by design constraints, access to information, and price to export to the States. Whitehill was willing to listen to my specific needs and provide us with tooling that is applicable to our coastal market.

Q. Why did you decide to purchase from us, as we are a UK based company?

A. I purchased from Whitehill based on providing custom tooling, expert advice about options, and price (I had to factor in currency exchange rates and shipping to the States).

Q. What was the feedback from your client after finishing their build?

A. Our clients have been very impressed and each small job has led to additional larger jobs. I have also been getting great comments from architects and designers. We currently have two large jobs pending approval.

Q. Finally, would you work with us in the future?

A. I have since purchased additional tooling from Whitehill and will continue to use your firm as a partner in the future.


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