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Window and Door Systems

Whether you are manufacturing one-offs, small batches or large-scale production, the only profitable way to machine doors and windows is with dedicated tooling that is both zero-set and constant diameter. Whitehill systems combine maximum flexibility with maximum productivity, and dramatically reduce set-up times. Many of the blocks are interchangeable, allowing you to add new tools to your original system to create any the other window and door systems. Our window and door systems are regularly updated to reflect the latest changes to Building Regulations and design tastes. They are sold with test evidence and U-value certification as applicable.

Available Window and Door Systems

Whitehill HP Flush Part Q PAS 24 Window System
The modern successor to the stormproof window with a flush frame, twin seals, espagnolette locking system (espag) & friction hinges. Part Q & U-value certification .
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Whitehill Stormproof Window System Thumb
Standard stormproof window design with espagnolette locking system (espag), friction hinges and the option of one or two seals, includes U-value certification.
Whitehill Traditional Window System
A traditional single rebate window system updated for the 21st century and modern manufactering includes U-value certification
Whitehilll Conservation Window System
Window system designed For the period property market, with modern performance, twin seals, espag, butt or friction hinges. Part Q and U-value certification inculded.
Whitehill Sliding Sash Window System Inside Glazing
Whitehill Tooling System and design for Part Q Sliding Sash Windows, Suitable for New Build, change of use and Replacement of existing windows. 57mm Double Glazed unit with twin seals . Suitable for Sprung or weights system.
Whitehill Sliding Sash Window System Inside Glazing
Whitehill Tooling System and design for Traditional Sliding Sash Windows with slim units with twin seals suitable for Sprung or weights system.
Whitehill IPA Titrus Window Placeholder
Whitehill Tooling System to produce IPA also known as Tritus System which is a Flush Casement Window for Lift off Butt Hinges for simple installation process.
Whitehill French Door Solo Klone Multipoint
French Doors feature two panels consisting of glass panes throughout its length surrounded by narrow stiles. Whitehill SOLO and KLONE TC Heads for single or double handle option will cut Master and Slave with one tool
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Whitehill Life and Slide System
Transforms your lift & slide manufacturing into an easy and efficient process, providing accuracy, consistency and speed. The tooling features the same height and fence settings for all Three profiles. Enabling a single pass through your machine.
Lift & Slide Tooling Set
Whitehill Traditional Door in Door Out Placeholder
Whitehill Tooling and design for single rebate traditional door available with various threshold options for open in and open out.
Whitehill HP High Performance Door Placeholder
Whitehill Tooling System and Design for a Traditional looking High Performance Door with Twin seal and double rebate.