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Window & Door Tooling Systems

Whether you are manufacturing one-offs, small batches or large-scale production, the only profitable way to machine doors and windows is with dedicated tooling that is both zero-set and constant diameter. Whitehill systems combine maximum flexibility with maximum productivity, and dramatically reduce set-up times. Many of the blocks are interchangeable, allowing you to add new tools to your original system to create any of the other window and door systems. Our window and door systems are regularly updated to reflect the latest changes to Building Regulations and design tastes. They are sold with test evidence and U-value certification as applicable.

PART Q Approved & PAS24 Certified Systems

The modern successor to the stormproof window with a flush frame, twin seals, espagnolette locking system (espag) & friction hinges. Part Q & U-value certification.
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French Doors feature two panels consisting of glass panes throughout its length surrounded by narrow stiles. Whitehill French Door Heads for single or double handle option will cut Master and Slave with one tool.
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Whitehill Tooling and design for single rebate traditional door available with various threshold options for open in and open out.
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Standard stormproof window design with espagnolette locking system (espag), friction hinges and the option of one or two seals, includes U-value certification.
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Window system designed For the period property market, with modern performance, twin seals, espag, butt or friction hinges. Part Q and U-value certification inculded.
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Whitehill Tooling System and design for Part Q Sliding Sash Windows, Suitable for new builds, change of use and replacement of existing windows.
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What is Part Q?

For a business to supply windows and doors for projects that require planning permission they will need to comply with Part Q. Part Q also known as Approved Document Q came into effect back in 1st October 2015 and states that all easily accessible windows and doors that are supplied to new build projects must comply with certain security requirements. To comply with Part Q the windows and doors will have to be tested to PAS24:2022 which is the latest version of the Publicly Available Specification 24.

What is PAS24?

PAS24 also known as Publicly Available Specification 24, is a set of tests designed to assess the security of windows and doors against the effects of an opportunistic crime. To achieve PAS 24:2022, a manufacturer must submit their products to an independent testing company certified by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS). Very few businesses have tested their windows and doors independently because of the expense and development time needed, that's why at Whitehill we are always happy to help other businesses understand what they need to do to comply with Part Q as well as PAS24:2022.

What is Part L?

Part L, also known as Document L, is a revised building regulation that mandates newly constructed dwellings to be designed with the objective of improving energy efficiency and reducing fuel consumption. Part L is further segmented into two sections: Part L1A, which covers new builds, and Part L1B, which covers renovations to existing buildings.

To achieve compliance you will need to achieve a certain U-Value depending on the specifics of each build. For our tooling systems the most important U-Values would be for windows and doors (including glazed doors) which the maximum U-Value for new dwellings is 1.6 and the maximum U-Value for existing dwellings is 1.4 for both.

What are U-Values & G-Values?

U-values measure how well heat is transferred by the entire window/door frame, sash and glass - either into or out of the building. The lower the U-Value number, the better the window or door will keep heat inside a building on a cold day. Whitehill Window Systems have a achieved a U-Value as low as 1.2 in thermal simulations (accredited through British Woodworking Federation), and the documentation and graphics included with every complete window system sold. This means that businesses investing in Whitehill tooling solutions have all the information necessary to satisfy architects and can also use the certificates as a valuable marketing tool to attract new business.

The G-Value of glass represents its ability to transmit solar heat, and is typically expressed as a percentage or decimal. A G-Value of 1.0 signifies maximum solar heat transmission, while a G-Value of 0 indicates complete opacity to heat. The presence of multiple glass layers and coatings inhibits solar heat penetration, resulting in a lower G-Value. Building Regulations compliant double glazed units typically exhibit G-Values around 0.7, while high performance triple glazing may have G-Values around 0.5. Solar control glass, necessary in certain architectural designs, often features G-Values of around 0.3 or lower.

Standard Whitehill Window & Door Systems

Sliding Sash Window Tooling Set for Deventer SP5920 Flipper / Schlegel AQ109 Aquamac Foam weather seal. 14 to 20 mm Groove and Weather seal for 30 mm or 1 1/4 inches Bore Spindle. Adjustable 44mm - 57mm Section size. Groove removable for Twin Seal profile only. Additional Groove sizes available.
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We have designed this to be an essential tool for any workshop manufacturing kitchen doors. This zero-set tool makes creating and recreating the same doors in large quantities simple. A zero-set tool allows you to remove the moulding blocks from the spindle and place the scribe tools on without any adjustments increasing time efficiency.
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Lift_and _slide_windowtooling
Manufacture your straight lift and slide door systems with the Whitehill Lift & Slide tooling set. For 57, 58 & 68 mm Wood, available in 30, 40mm and 1¼" Bore size. Available for hire, for pricing and availability please contact us through our email at or call us at 01582 736 881
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Also Available

In addition to the window and door tooling sets that are featured on our website, we also offer a variety of other specialized tooling sets that may not be listed online. These sets are designed to meet the specific needs of different types of windows and doors. Our experienced team can work with you to determine the best tooling set for your project, so please don't hesitate to reach out if you don't see what you're looking for on our website.

Below are some examples of additional window and door tooling sets we offer: 

Window Tooling Systems:

  • IPA (Tritus) Window System
  • Traditional Window System
  • Traditional Sliding Sash Window System
  • Yorkshire Sliding Window System
  • French Window System

Door Tooling Systems:

  • HP (High Performance) Door System
  • Conservation Door System

Additionally we can also design and manufacture a bespoke window or door tooling system that fits your preferred specifications.

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