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Shaker Kitchen Door Tooling

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The Whitehill team have designed a set of four tools to make your life easier when manufacturing kitchen and cabinet doors on spindle moulders. This set includes two blocks to mould the wood with a groove, and another two blocks to scribe and tenon the wood in one pass. Making shaker kitchen door production simple and time efficient for busy workshops.

A key feature is that it’s constant height and diameter (Also known as “Zero Set Tooling”). This means once the spindle height and fence are set the next set of tooling can be placed on the spindle without any further adjustments, saving you time and the risk of mistakes.

This tool set has two different profile options in square or open-V joints for that classic shaker door style in a cost-effective solution. This set can be upgraded with 2 additional tools to achieve profiled kitchen door panels.

Every aspect of this tooling has been thought about in detail, even to the chamfer found on the groove to improve finishing and fitment of panel. Other key features include:

• Available in 30mm and 1 ¼ inch bore sizes. More options available on request.
• “Zero Set Tooling” or Constant height and diameter to make tool changes fast and easy.
• Adjustable groove and tenons to match panel size to between 5-9mm
• Wide range of door thickness: 22 -33mm
• MAN rated block
• Chamfered grooves for improved fit and gluing
• Choose from square or open-V joint profiles.
• Designed to be used on most spindle moulders.
• Block features replaceable tungsten carbide knives, all available from Whitehill.
• Blade can only be set in one position, providing reliable and accurate blade location each time they are replaced.
• All cutters are suitable for a majority of wood types including MDF, timber, hard & softwoods.
• Highly Customisable.

This tooling can be highly customised depending on what your specific requirements are. While this tooling has been designed for spindle moulders, it is possible for us to design and manufacture tools to fit CNC, Moulder and Tenoner setups and Vertonghen Kitchen Cell machines. We can also make bespoke fixed tooling, HSS or TCT cutters to fit in specific limiter heads for one-off or small production runs, and even design a completely new system with a bespoke profile.

To get a further understanding of this tool or how it can be customised to suit your needs, contact us on

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