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160 x 15-29 x 35 mm Bore Adjustable Groover with Spacers for Vertongen Horizontal Shaft

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Estimated dispatch date 30 May 2024
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(£465.60 including VAT)
  • Suitable for MDFYes
  • Product MaterialSTEEL
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Whiteihll have compiled everything needed to use an adjustable groover on the vertonghen horizontal shaft. This bundle features a high quality block to create a groove ranging from 15mm to 29mm. This can be determined through the amount of spacers placed inbetween the two parts of the groover, either increasing or decreasing the groove size.

Also included with this product are spacers for the shaft, including a keywayed spacer to be palced at the shafts base.

Whats included:

110880 - 160 x 15-29 x 35mm Bore Adjustable Groover, fitted with spurs and cutters
111654 - Spacer 50 x 0.1 x 35mm Bore
111655 - Spacer 50 x 0.3 x 35mm Bore
111656 - Spacer 50 x 0.5 x 35mm Bore
111657 - Spacer 50 x 1 x 35mm Bore
111658 - Spacer 50 x 3 x 35mm Bore
111659 - Spacer 50 x 6 x 35mm Bore
118966 - 55 x 30 x 35 Spacer - 8mm Keywayed for Vertonghen
300S01010 – 55 x 30 x 35 mm Bore Spacer to fill the Shaft
300S01005 - 55 x 10 x 35 mm Bore Spacer to fill the Shaft


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