Thank you for the excellent service provided the other day. Order placed Friday afternoon,delivered Saturday morning,producing perfect mouldings in the afternoon. Fantastic!

David Tudor


Hi David,

Thank you very much for telephone conversation, very informative, I recently purchased cutter heads and a rebate block from you, very pleased and very happy with quality and delivery from date of purchase, would highly recommend.  I am only a small company looking to expand so will definitely be purchasing all my cutters from yourselves in the future.

Kind regards James

Greetings David


Perhaps you recall supplying a set of cutters for my window project. 

Just to let you know that the cutters have proved their worth...picture below of my test insert ...

All 12 inserts are now complete with 12 more to be done in the new year.

Many thanks...could not have completed the corners so perfectly without your help.

A happy Christmas and new year to you and your team...

Kind regards

Frank Tolan

Hi David

 Hi-performance flush casement window tooling

 Just to let you know, we have manufactured the sample windows that we required for the Harrogate Show and

we are now manufacturing the 2nd job with the new tooling.

 I must congratulate you on the accuracy of your work and let you know that the windows could not be easier 

to assemble due to the precision of your work. 

 I will look forward to working with you again in the near future

Kind Regards
Stuart Webb
Parkwood Joinery Ltd
Specialist Joinery Manufacturers

Whitehill-tools experience

        Good afternoon folks, just wanted to send you a quick "thank you" note to make sure you all understood how I appreciated your approach to customer relations.  Being relatively new to spindle moulder tooling, I have found very few businesses are interested in taking the time to work with me to find the best solution to my tooling needs.  You folks however were very helpful,  with quick response times and when I received my package from you folks yesterday, everything was exactly as I expected.  You have secured my business as I continue to build by company and client base, and I am telling everyone who will listen about my great experience with Whitehill-tools.

Cheers, talk to you soon,

Dovetail Timberworks and Specialty Products

Hi Whitehill,


Just to let you know that we received the cutters you specially made for us the other day. Many thanks to you and your team for getting them out to us so efficiently and quickly.

I look forward to doing more business with you in the future,

Many thanks,

Collwyn Goodlad

Shetland College


Hi Barbara,

After speaking to Dave I purchased the Combination block which arrived yesterday; fantastic quality really pleased, I got some Whitehill profiles already so I am all sorted now thanks to you and Dave.

Best regards,


Dear Whitehill,

It's so nice to write to someone because they've done a great job and, sadly, it doesn't happen very often.

Dealing with Whitehill Spindle Tools has been an absolute pleasure from start to finish.

The other day I came down to your factory with a problem and very little knowledge of spindle tooling.  David was really helpful in explaining exactly what I needed for an economic solution to the problem.  He then went on to give me a quick impromptu guided tour of your factory, which is very impressive.  It's nice to find someone in the UK these days who actually makes something!

The new comb i cutter block duly arrived as promised, with all the right bits to work with my Felder machine.  It cuts beautifully and is a really big improvement on the Trend cutter block, which I had been using.

I get frustrated, on an almost daily basis, by companies and public agencies, who seem to think that I have nothing better to do than waste my day following their "procedures".  The big companies don't seem to care about their customers - they seem too preoccupied by their own processes and burden us with call centres, security checks, incompetence or downright apathy.  That's why it was so refreshing to deal with your company, where I got straightforward, no-nonense good advice and a superb product.....all done with no hassle at all.  I can't tell you what a breath of fresh air that represents!

Please pass on my appreciation to your colleagues at Whitehill Spindle Tools, from a grateful customer.



Hi David & Barbara 

The heads arrived today and I installed same tonight
They are sensational; I am delighted with the result, the quality of the cut is second to none.
Thank you very much for your time, information and professionalism.
I still have to get the blanks for the scriber laser cut; I am in no rush for these, a job for 2012.
Hope you have a very happy Christmas and prosper in the years to come.
I only wish you had an agent over here, your tooling quality is excellent

Kind regards

Paul Ballinger

Alfredton, AUSTRALIA





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